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Thursday, December 1, 2022


Local actress, Rui En, shared a post and uploaded it onto her Instagram account which updated her followers that she had finally tested positive for Covid-19.


In her post, she shares that she is blessed that she has gotten infected with the Omicron variant instead of the Delta variant due to the fact that the symptoms which she has experienced are mild.

She had only experienced sore throat that went away after two days, cough, blocked and runny nose, some insomnia but totally zero fever and bodyache.

She shares that she has experienced worse before in terms of flu.

Instead of feeling upset about contracting Covid, she shares that she feels ‘relieved’ to have finally gotten it instead.


Does not have to worry about spreading to anyone else

Rui En also said that she had the luxury of space at home and did not have to worry about spreading the virus as there were no elderly and children living at home with her.

She also claims that if she were to have caught the Delta variant instead, she would not be feeling as well as now as her friends who have caught Delta before described the experience to be much worst than what she is currently experiencing.

Urges all to stay vigilant and socially responsible

Rui En ended her post by urging everyone to stay vigilant and socially responsible as well but there is no need to let fear of catching the virus ruin our own lives.

By saying this, she explains that she does not advocate senseless behaviour like taking off the mask and kissing someone randomly on the street.

She just thought that we all have put our lives on hold for the longest time in the past two years.


Has now tested negative

Rui En also uploaded a photo of her test results taken via an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kit today and showed that she has already recovered and tested negative.

Here is what she said

“So I FINALLY tested positive for Covid earlier this week. Am blessed that it’s Omnicron and not Delta, and that the symptoms were incredibly mild. Sore throat that went away after two days, cough, blocked and runny nose, some insomnia strangely and zero fever/bodyache. I’ve had much worse flus and I’ll be able to leave the house soon.

After 2 plus years of having all our lives changed irrevocably, after going thru the whole gamut of emotions from grief, anxiety, feeling down and fear as a result of this virus, all I could think was, “oh, so this is it? Really?!”. I somehow felt more relief at finally getting it cos I’ve always hated suspense 🤣

Yes, I am aware that I have the luxury of being able to feel this way because of no elderly and children at home (was a little concerned the cats would catch it). I am also aware that if I had caught Delta instead I absolutely would not be feeling this way, because I had friends who caught that and it sounded like hell on earth. But I thought this was another great example of how we make the boogeymen bigger than they really are in our minds. The upside? If NZ opens up in the next 3 mths, I’ll be able to save quite a bit of money 😅

Guys, stay vigilant and socially responsible, but no need to let fear rule your life. By no means am I advocating for u to rip off your mask and kiss a stranger on the street, but haven’t we put our lives on hold long enough?”

Image source: Instagram/@wilderseas29

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