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Friday, September 29, 2023


Have you had a salesperson fatshame you in SG?


I realize SG is not as PC/woke as some other countries, but I was quite taken aback when this auntie told me that “you are quite heavy so you need a larger size” today.

For context, she was trying to sell me an item that is larger than my usual size (which was not in stock).

And when I came out of the fitting room and told her it didn’t fit she said something along the lines of “see, (the item) too small right!”

And when I told her that actually it was too loose, she kind of snorted disbelievingly.


I felt kinda self-conscious the rest of the day even though I don’t really think I’m that fat (163cm, 49kg). Granted, I was wearing a flowy maxi dress (which I may also never wear again) so I might have looked larger. Also, I have eczema so I’m self-conscious about the way I look in general anyway.

How common is this kind of “sales tactic” here?

When I think about it rationally, I don’t think I’m fat. But I have put on a few KGs over the last few years and yeah I know it still doesn’t make me anywhere near being clinically overweight.

I kind of feel bad about the added weight tho, cuz I know it’s a result of straight up over-eating sinful things like bubble tea.

The over-eating is still on-going unfortunately. I’ve also always looked somewhat larger than my weight would suggest because my shoulders are rather broad. Not the dainty looking body type.


Netizens’ comments

  1. Why are you even worrying that you’re fat when you’re borderline underweight?
  2. 163cm and 49kg. BMI is 18.4. I would say you are somewhat underweight though. Dont take those words to heart. Aunties tend to have sh!t mouths and attitude.
  3. Wtf i dislike people like that. not common, she is just bad at her job. Did you tell her off for her unprofessional behaviour?
  4. Happened to me.
    I still have my obvious tummy leftover from pregnancy, but I still prefer to wear clothes that fit well on my shoulders (I’m 1.5m).
    I walked straight into the shop asking for the dress I knew I wanted to buy. I asked for an S. She looked me up and down and said, “I will give you an L, coz this one small cutting”.
    I went in the changing room, and came out showing her the big gap in the arm hole. I asked for a smaller size, so she gave me M.
    I went back in, also had a gaping hole, and so I asked for an S. I prefer its fit, and I came back out in my original clothes. She asked me mockingly, “So how? Need XS?”
    I want to support a local brand, so I’m quite disappointed with that particular staff. That outlet closed after a while, so I hope that lady is not in service line anymore!
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