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Monday, May 29, 2023

Soldiers who soil their pants is normal “when it comes it comes” nothing to be embarrass about



Dear Singapore Uncensored,


With regards to the lastest post about the NSF that soiled his underwear in desperation, I would like to say that this soldier’s act deserves to be commended, I don’t care what naysayers got to say about me but to compare it with the previous one whereby that soldier stripped to shit in a zip loc bag in the bus, that soldier’s action shall not be tolerated. Not only he has shown disgrace to the army, but he is also a afraid of inconveniences and obstacles hindering his training, so what if he is going for a range, you mean he can’t shoot while holding his bowels or with a soiled underwear?

I would like to share few instances where soldiers were being tasked to help out in events that deprived them of toilets. Months ago, there was this major event whereby big shots from MINDEF came to a camp for a conference and some soldiers were tasked to station outside the camp to marshal traffic. There have to stand there till the whole event which lasts about 5 hours. As I approached one, I find that he was mildly dehydrated and he only drink a little bit of water, I told him to drink up and he told me it’s alright as he is afraid that he needs to go to the toilet urgently so to prevent that he drink less, I told him that if he needs to he have to, better than to be dehydrated and suffer from heat stroke after which so I got him 2 bottles of 1.5 litres of water for him.

Another instance was that this was during a major army event which lasted till night. There were marshallers who were NSFs too and I notice one of the boys who was unable to stand still with he tighs so closely pressing his groin area, he was alone at that time, I asked if he was alright he just said yes and continue to ask him for directions inside the camp, I could tell from his face that he was desperately needing to pee but he can’t go to the toilet as there was no one there to juggle his duty for him. About 30 minutes later, I was out to the usher area again, there he was standing, as I handed a bottle of water to him, I realised that his pants were wet at the groin area. I stopped my car and asked him if he had peed his pants, he was abashed and whispered to me that his pee already start dripping out when I enter the camp as he drank too much water. I told him to take care and don’t think too much about it. He nodded as I head off.

The last instance I would like to share was during my reservist as an officer, I was assigned to take a small group of recruits for their jungle training. On the last day of the course, one of them soiled his pants while he and me were pulling one of a NSF who fell down, and this NSF actually wore that soiled underwear from morning till evening where they get to go back to their company line to change. I really salute him, and despite his comrades and sergeant knew about this, neither laughed nor mocked him about it.


The purpose of me writing this is to share that such nature businesses is unavoidable, when it comes it comes, at times of desperate, you have to take desperate measures that will not cause any embarrassment to the whole organisation.

By Anonymous NS Man

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