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Vietnam Wife Run Away With Cash And Gold After 2 Weeks,Uncle Left With Broken Heart

20120409-021005My uncle is very close to me, he has always been single for as long as i can remember. He always wanted to have a wife and start a family but never been able to get someone that can truly be with him. In his 40s finding a wife gets more and more difficult. One of his friends persuade him to get a vietnam bride which will cost a fair beat of money. ¬†After several persuasions my uncle finally gave up finding a wife in Singapore and tried his friend’s way to get a Vietnam wife. He found himself a 21 year old Vietnam girl from the south.


As my uncle is old he did not want to make any attention and performed a simple wedding dinner at a local restaurant. Only close friends and families were invited. The happiness did not last long.

Only two weeks after the wedding dinner his wife disappeared along with his cash and gold which he kept in his locked drawer. Blinded but his come and go happiness he lie to himself and said she will be back. It was only till the third week of the disappearance he confided in me. I told him….

Look uncle ***** the passport is no longer here… im sorry

He broke down in tears and he knew that the new wife was already gone.

I don’t care about the lost valuables. I only want to be happy…

Always be wary about such deals. Marriage doesn’t come cheap. Buying true love comes at a higher price.


New Source: Vincent Lim FB post

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