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I’ve opened a Pandora’s box…


Just want to vent this out here and hear your thoughts.

I met this guy through dating app. We clicked and he got me pregnant after years of being in an r/s. We also got married.

Currently I am still in my maternity leave. I am staying at home most of the time and taking care of the baby. One night, I was just feeling nostalgic how we started from dating app to this and I decided to backread our first conversation in his WS. I used his because I accidentally uninstalled my WS app earlier this year and I failed to have a backup of our conversation thread. I typed “hotel” in the search thread cos as consenting adults, we went to hotel when we were just starting and I wanna read how we progress from there, getting into relationship and marrying each other.

But as I was scrolling to the year when we first met, I saw some conversation with “hotels” too and how they had S, etc. I was flabbergasted and I don’t know how to react.


In summary, this is the timeline. We first met on *insert date*. One week later, he had S with this other woman he met in the app. One week later, we met again and kissed. Four days later, he had S again with that woman. Two days later, he met with me in the hotel but we didn’t have S that time though we made out. It was only two weeks later after we decided to be exclusive to each other but not officially tgt yet.

I didn’t know any of his escapades until now. Not that his body count matters to me cos to be fair, we weren’t in a relationship that time so technically he was still single. But what bothers me is that what if we were having S that time when he was hooking up with that woman? I think I couldn’t take it…

Moving forward, I lowkey asked him if he had any ons/ fubu/fwb before meeting me and he said no. I was just appalled how he could lie to me, or maybe he just really doesn’t want me to know that part of his past..

I felt that I have opened a Pandora’s box and tbh I still love him the same. He has been a wonderful husband and father. I am aware that those are things from the past and what matters is the present and the future. Though, I felt relieved that I didn’t have S with him that time that he was shagging other woman. Also, he also has been faithful to me eversince we decided to become exclusive until we officially dating. I am just feeling betrayed on how he lied to me.

Because I would appreciate his honesty— that’ll only imply that he trusts me with his deepest and darkest secrets, but unfortunately he didn’t…

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