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Facebook user Alviana Nana shared about an unpleasant experience that she had while shopping online, where she paid for postage and her item was not delivered.


The seller is claiming that they didn’t receive her last postage payment, and eventually after waiting for about a month with no updates, the seller asked Nana to pay for postage again and they will then deliver her items.

She then told them she didn’t want the items anymore and asked them for a refund, and Nana was then blocked on Facebook by them.

Here is what she said

I want to share a story about my bad shopping experience with Love Estella Jewels Facebook page that’s based in Singapore.

On 6th July


Ordered a dark mystic moissanite ring from them, made payment of the item and postage immediately on the same day.

On 10th July

Add on order for a gunmetal grey moissanite ring and make payment immediately on the same day too.

Between 6 to 10 July they did not mail out my first item. After I add on another item, between 10 to 12 July there was no update from them as well. After that I was told that their system automatically offset the postage fee paid for my second item. Like I wasn’t aware? So I immediately top up the shortage on 12 July just so that can proceed to mail out my items. Clean cut.

But between 12 to 17 July there was COMPLETELY NO UPDATES from them again. So I have to chase them again. I was notify that they did not received my last postage payment as it did not reflect on their system, and they told me to wait and they will check with HITPAY. I patiently agree.


From 17 to 23 July, they did not update me again. On 23 July they told me they will get back to me once they received my money from hit pay.

So after all the wait for about a month, on 30 July they told me to pay for postage ONE MORE TIME and they will mail out my items together. This is where I’m losing my patience. I even suggest to them to refund me and I don’t want the items anymore, because I paid everything and cart out on time, been very patience with you for almost a month and I did not get my full refund back even till date and not receiving my items. They just push everything to hitpay and throw me hitpay’s email address and BLOCKED me on Facebook messenger like this? So they don’t have to be responsible for it anymore. This is just very disappointing.

All I can say is, shop at your own risk at Love Estella Jewels Facebook page.

Netizens’ comments

  • Isit they gave two different UENs? Coz ur payment to them the UEN is 2016.. whereas they stated that their UEN is 2020…
  • I do purchases from them and never had any issue .. as long as u indicated on the payment page if to mail out or accumulate (which they allow) they will action accordingly to wat was being selected..
  • Have shopped with them on multiple occasions and no issues thus far. Instructions were pretty straightforward and postage prices were clearly stated. They even gave you the option to accumulate your purchases to $80 to enjoy free Smartpac.
    Been using the 2020 UEN since they changed to the new system earlier this year. Might be a misunderstanding between seller and buyer. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  • Did you made transfer to a wrong uen account? The uen they gave you is different from the one you sent the money to..
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