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Mooncakes, a delightful treat steeped in tradition, have long been cherished during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their sweet, savory, and sometimes exotic fillings wrapped in ornate designs make them a symbol of festivity and celebration.


However, what if the joy of gifting mooncakes turned into a perplexing and costly ordeal? Recently, a woman paid a staggering $1,128.33 for 15 boxes of mooncakes, only to find out that most of them would expire in just 10 days from the date of delivery, according to STOMP.

The Costly Surprise

A netizen by the name of JC, told STOMP that she had intended to share the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival with friends, family and customers.

On August 31, she made an online order from Peach Garden, a reputable mooncake seller. Eagerly awaiting her purchase, she received the delivery on September 4.

However, her excitement quickly turned to shock when she realized that a significant portion of the mooncakes she had purchased were on the brink of expiration, with only 10 days left on their shelf life.


In her own words, she recounted, “I was shocked to find out later on that a majority of the mooncakes were going to expire in 10 days! If one of my customers had not told me that, I would have never checked or noticed. I would be so embarrassed to give expired mooncakes to people. What if they fall sick from eating them?”

Questions raced through JC’s mind. Was Peach Garden being dishonest by providing her with old batches of mooncakes? Why were these mooncakes set to expire in such a short time frame when the instructions stated that they could be kept in the refrigerator for three weeks?

Peach Garden’s Response

In response to JC’s concerns, a spokesperson for Peach Garden spoke to STOMP, clarifying and emphasising their commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of their products. They acknowledged the situation and initiated contact with JC to understand her perspective.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that JC’s concern was primarily related to the mooncakes’ shelf life. Peach Garden clarified that their mooncakes are best enjoyed within 10 days of purchase, a detail shared with their customers and outlined in their product guidelines.

Typically, the expiry dates for their mooncakes fall between two to three weeks from the production date, ensuring freshness compared to other brands.


In this case, an unfortunate mistake had occurred – an associate mistakenly packed the wrong batch of mooncakes into JC’s order.

To rectify the situation, Peach Garden promptly offered solutions, including a one-for-one exchange for both the remaining mooncakes and those already distributed to JC’s customers.

The exchange took place on September 15, and as a goodwill gesture, JC was given extra boxes of mooncakes. The spokesperson emphasized Peach Garden’s dedication to providing preservative-free mooncakes, setting them apart from other manufacturers.

A Lesson for All

As the ordeal came to a resolution, JC offered a piece of advice to fellow consumers: “Please check the expiry dates of the mooncakes before purchasing and when receiving the delivery.”

Images source: @foodleaguesg and @peachgardensg on Instagram

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