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Sunday, October 1, 2023


I’m an older lady (62), this is how a 21 year old guy who was really “blessed” down there turned me into a cheap ho.


This happened a few weeks ago, In all my years of being in the business of pleasures (I was a prostitute for about 10 years) I have never experienced something like this… And I never thought I would, especially at my age!

I like to go out drinking from time to time, not too often as hangovers last me a couple days now (the joys of getting old). I’m a slightly odd looking woman, so I get a lot of attention.

For context, I am also blessed myself, with a couple of E cups, so I’m sure you can imagine what its like when a woman like me walks into the room. Sometimes I don’t get the best looks, but this particular night was not one of those nights.

Me and a few old friends were sat in the pub, when all of a sudden a group of guys walked in. They were clearly quite drunk, everyone had turned to look at them.


I felt a bit relieved since i knew some of the attention was off of me. That’s when I saw him, a short, but dark and handsome lad, he had a sweet face.

It reminded me of a few of my past lovers, but a lot younger of course. I did not expect this to happen, but the group of boys walked over and ended up sitting near by our table.

As they sat down next to us they were swearing quite a lot, and the dark haired guy kept telling them off and telling them to stop being disrespectful.

It gave my heart a lot of warmth to know the younger generation still had a few gentlemen. A few cocktails after this i was feeling kind of bold, I thought what the hell? I may as well strike up a conversation with him! What was the worst that could happen right?

He was a true gentlemen, but couldn’t help slipping in a few of those cheeky lines young men love to tease us older ladies with. I was finding it very difficult to resist his age, his eyes were so bright. They were captivating.


We talked throughout the whole night, he complimented me and said I looked lovely, and he did not look at my chest once, although they were staring him in the face & my nips had got pretty erect (the problems of being drunk and wanting to F at 62!!!!)

As the night was slowly getting later and later, me and my friends were deciding to go. I told the lad and he looked quite upset, like he wanted me to stay. I asked him what the matter was and he said he was hoping I’d have gone back with him, I asked about his parents, and he said they weren’t in…

A moment passed where i was quite confused. I thought he was making fun of me.

My friends looked at me and shrugged so I thought what the hell? What was the worst that could happen. It had been years since I had properly experienced a real man who could get a solid hard on.

So I stayed out with them, and shortly after my friends went, so did his, and it was just us two heading back to his.

He began to take my hand and lead me into the living room. For a moment we were just stood there, in silence, the anticipation was killing me.

There was fireworks going off in my stomach and down below, and i could not wait to have him inside of me. I could not stop thinking about taking off his pants, he seemed like he was huge.

I felt like I was about to lose my virginity for the first time again. He slowly started to kiss down my neck, I could feel myself getting wetter by the second, I wanted him so badly.

I let out moan and told him to get on with it and f me. I got a brief flashback from my younger years. I had been building this up for a while, I pushed him down, unzipped his trousers, and his huge D flopped out… It must have been AT LEAST 15 cm or more, like the size of a ruler.

I felt his warm shaft against my tongue and it was amazing. It tasted so nice in my mouth, where it belonged. His body was shaking as he grabbed the back of my head and began to f my face, slapping me round the face and telling me to suck more and more.


I couldnt take it anymore, it was amazing. He climbed on top of me and drilled me. My whole body felt electric and it was a complete sensory overload. He flipped me over, spanked me, called me a good girl and started to drill me from behind.

I screamed, I felt like a college girl again. I just wanted his hot sticky load inside of me. and there it was…. I felt it running through me, I gasped and collapsed in relief.

Soon after I thanked him for the experience, it had been so long. Even now he was being so kind, he helped me get dressed and showed me on my way, even getting a taxi for me. I still think about that handsome young man to this day.

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