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Netizens shared numerous stories working in the F&B industry.


Here are the top 10 stories that will leave a question mark over your head.

Pear milk tea without pearl

I was a bbt F&B worker. When I worked in the store, a cusomer asked, “Can I have pearl milk tea without the pearl?”

I replied, “you can order the milk tea ma’am”

She replied, “No, I want pearl milk tea without pearl !!”


The issue is, to have pearl milk tea without pearl is more costly than to have milk tea. Even if they are the same drink

I explained the situation to her.

She still wanted her request.

So I prepared pearl milk tea without pear (that is milk tea) and charged her an extra 70 cents as our store did not make deductions

Her lost not mine 


The customer is always… right?

i remember few years ago while dining. there was this karen who hogs the seat even if she has already finished eating. although i didnt know for how long she was there but she was like hogging the whole table for herself while just fiddling on her phone. so the waiter approached her as there are people queueing for a table. didnt hear the convo but suddenly the karen just blurted out rude words to the waiter saying the waiter rude or something.

then the last straw was when the karen blurted out the phrase “have you heard that a customer is always right?” she said loudly. then the waiter countered “you only think about your rights? you think you are always right? what about our rights as waiter? what about the rights of the customer waiting outside?” then the karen just murmured words on her way out.

Ice-cream, really ice-cream

Worked at an ice cream cafe and got asked a few times if I can scoop ice cream for them without the add ins e.g. mint choco chip ice cream without the mint choco chips.

Also was had customers asking if they can buy the icecream pints (for takeaway) and eat it in the shop. We’ll explain its literally not possible since those tubs are from a lower temp freezer than the display flavours and its actually almost rock solid (so it can withstand customers journey home). But there are actually ppl who’ll still try to dig into it with the plastic spoon or worse still ask for hot water to melt their tub right there and then LOL.

Local aunties insist tze char dishses at French restaurant

Had a bunch of ladies get angry at us for not having rice dishes (like the tzechar kind) on the menu “this is singapore how can you not have local dishes??” ………Ma’am you’re at a french restaurant.

I also once served a group of about 10 or so customers at one big table. At the end of the meal they all pulled out their own credit cards and insisted we split the bill according to who ate what (but they couldn’t agree on whether some dishes were individual or shared with 2-3 other people so they started arguing). 🥲 I had to get my supervisor to help because my single braincell during dinner crowd was already shutting down

Siao lang at Subway

I used to work for subway.

‘Hi, Can I have Egg Mayo, Without the Mayo. ‘

‘Is the ham raw?’

‘Is the ham slices halal ?’


‘Can I have bread only ?’

Halal restaurant

i work in a halal restaurant and it’s the opposite for me .always being asked if we have pork, and some even request for alcohol!! i have customers telling me at the cashier how they felt about the “pork” chashu as well and at that point they’re so deep in i cannot imagine the whiplash they feel when i reveal its chicken.

Too hot to handle

After telling one of my colleagues the coffee is not hot enough, she proves her point by pouring the whole coffee to her hand and demanded a new coffee. My colleague was scalded but was so scared that she only told this incident to my boss after the customer left. My boss obviously was furious and wanted to lodge the police report to the customer.

Tourist ask if server is from 3rd world country

Another one. Getting questions sometimes asking me which “third-world country” I was from, when I got the pink IC. I know I don’t look and act like a local, but I am more embarrassed some people here is still using discriminating words like “third-world country” in this so-called first world country. Ugh.


This is not a question, but while the customer was paying at the cashier, she looked at her daughter while pointing at me.

“Look. This is what happened if you don’t study hard. Make kopi all day!”

I was the manager, and I didn’t care if my colleagues saw me crying on the spot. I got into the cafe industry as I love coffee. I must thank that lady as she pushed me to pursue my postgraduate studies.

Vegan or… not?

My friend encountered this. He had an guy ask me if he has a vegetarian option. He asked the chef, but nothing was strictly vegetarian as that is what he wanted. He went back to the guy and said nothing was ‘pure veg’. The guy thinks for a second and then tells my friend he will have a steak. My friend was like WTF

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