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Has marriage in SG seem more like a financial strategic investment than actual true love?


I am a mid-20s Female, have and known a few girl friends/people who have married/rather marry for money than love because of the high standards of living in SG.

And the fact that if they marry rich they would have a comfortable life. Also those ladies who rather marry for money added on that feelings will always come after but money is more important in SG society.

I have known couples and even older couples who have failed marriages but would not even divorce just because they want to keep their matrimonial home and a roof over their heads.

To be honest I feel sad hearing this. So just wondering other than money how do you know if your partner is the right one? Or is marriage in SG just a financial strategic investment?


Netizens’ comments

  • Believe it or not, marriage for love is a very recent social construct, probably just for the last couple of hundred years among certain class of people with excess resources.
    For the rest of society, it is a careful plan of combining families and ensuring the “family name” live on with proper resource management.
  • marrying to a financially stable (not rich) i think its a realistic mindset, you dont want to “carry the whole team” if you cant even carry yourself.
    marrying with expectations that you dont have to work for the rest of your life (avoid hard work) … its just lazy and i look down on these kind of people
  • Listen gal, this has been a tale as old as time. Women have always been wanting to marry rich men. It has happened in the time people fight with sticks and it will happen when cars can fly.
    It can vary based on circumstances. If the girl had lived a very poor life, suddenly a guy that has money likes her, it becomes an attractive proposition. Not just for her, but for her children and to know that her offspring can get out of the poverty cycle. It’s also standard biology you want your mate to have good genes (subconsciously), and money is a rather annoyingly loud point for that since it means you either have skills or have family backing.
    The catch with marrying rich guys in SG, is usually they aren’t that stupid, at least the ones I came across do. They are self-aware that women prey on them for money and actively avoid flaunting their wealth so that when they do meet the right girl, she ain’t a gold digger. Some of the guys I know selectively only marry equal. No upwards or downwards but equal.
    Of course you have some rich guys that are just plain stupid off ma-pa money and then when divorce lose half of their fortunes. It happens.
    TLDR: This has happened before and will happen long after we KO. Smart rich SG guys don’t flaunt and are aware. Stupid rich SG guys will get caught and lose alot of moolah. Alot of people still marry for love, so don’t be so pessimistic, it could be just your sample size too small.
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