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I’ve had a yeast infection for 2 months, help. let me start off by saying i’m a terrible writer.

In the beginning of June I was having issues with needing to go to the bathroom every 30 mins and i was having a lot of pain in the lower abdomen as well as a lot of bleeding and my discharge was grey and smelled bad.


i decided to go to urgent care because my doctor’s office couldn’t get me. they had me swab myself and tested my urine, came back with yeast infection as well as bacterial vaginosis.

i was prescribed nitrofurantoin and metronidazole as well as two tablets of fluconazole. after a couple days of take the metro i started getting really sick in the morning.

So i went to the er and they basically told me to “Lan Lan” and i need to finsih the dose but they prescribed me some anti-nausea tablets. those worked great and i finished the metro.

it started to feel like it was clearing up after, no more smell no more pain no more bleeding i felt a little better, until i realized i was still needing to go pee more than normal.at least every hour, two hours. i kinda powered through it cause I just thought ya know it’ll go back to normal, just some lingering effects no big deal. come to beginning of july, about a week in i realize my vagina is now very dry, and has lots of thick but creamy discharge more so sitting right at the hold, not too much was coming out or ending up in my underwear.


mid july i finally get to my doctors and they test my pee, that’s it, after all i told him. i get a call two days later just saying that my vitamin d was low and that’s it. Greenblatt so now i feel like i’m crazy. i got to work and i am in pain and the only thing that helps is literally no physical activity,

Unfortunately i work in a warehouse and I need to move fast. this week i went to work and i had to leave early my boss literally came up to me and could see I was in pain. so I left and went to the er AGAIN. this time the nurses were absolutely wonderful.

they actually took a look at my vagina and she could see it was extremely irritated, dry, and had discharge in it. she wasn’t so sure it was yeast. they tried using a medium sized speculum on me (i had never had one used on me before this) and it was WAY TOO BIG I’m a tight girl who very recently lost her virginity it was the most uncomfortable feeling, i had to make her stop.

she was very kind and extremely understanding. they quickly swabbed me after. it ended up coming back positive for a yeast infection, so they gave me 2 fluconazole and prescribed me another one to take three days later. i think it helped a very small amount. so come Friday and i have my first papsmear scheduled, thankfully she had a small speculum however i was still so uncomfortable.

my gyno made it very fast, thankfully. i told her about my yeast infection and there test ended up coming back with it aswell. SO she prescribed me 2 boxes of metronidazole gel .75% and terconazole .8% as well as nystatin and triamcinolone cream for the outside. she directed me to use metro and terconazole one at night and one in the morning.


i thought nothing of it went to pick it up from my pharmacy and the lady tells me my gyno directed to use all the metro first and then the terco. like what? so i started thinking about how metro is for bacterial vaginosis and why would i be prescribed two boxes, why are all of these people giving me different answers and directions.

i’ve heard so much about how metro GIVES YEAST INFECTIONS to people so WHY am i being given it FOR a yeast infection? this morning i called the available doctor at the obgyn and i explained her my fear of using the metro, and she told me to hold off on using it… to just use the terco… why did i pay 30 dollars for this medicine?

why am i not getting a direct answer? what am i supposed to do? i’m going to start the terconazole tonight inserting it vaginally, and i am horrified. i feel like nothings working and it’s deteriorating my mental health, and it wasn’t doing so good in the first place. i feel at my wits end, if the terco doesn’t work i don’t know what i will do…

hopefully this all made sense, anyone have advice or similar problems? thank you

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