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Ok, enough is enough.

This was the Eden Ang I knew back in 2013. He was a relatively new actor then – while I’ve been in the industry for a few years more – but already this brazen. I knew his online persona (FB then) was extremely fake – what with the positive messages and God worshipping. I remembered he was one of those who made me go, “URGH! This fake celebrity shit is so annoying…!” To me, he was a boy who needed to grow up/to be taught. Very disrespectful to women, rude and very much in need of an equally rude awakening. I wouldn’t call this “sexual harassment” – just a tasteless guy lacking game. (The 2nd screenshot onwards wasn’t me replying but a friend who got frustrated and took over the conversation. However, I fully endorsed her messages.)

Fast forward a year later, a girl told me of this horrific occurrence with him in New York City, when he was there to learn filmmaking ON A GOVERNMENT GRANT. Being already acquainted, they met up in NYC for a meal. This girl stayed at the heart of Manhattan, where they met and shared tips about the acting industry. He then asked to use her bathroom. So she brought him up to her studio and sat on her sofa while waiting for him. When he came out, he joined her on her sofa and allegedly put his hand up her skirt. She told me she was horrified, jumped up and told him they should get back to the cafe. While they were getting food, he allegedly bragged that teenage girls would approach him on public transport, asking if they could lose their virginity to him, then proceeded to ask her why wouldn’t she sleep with him. A few days later, she told me she received his text messages calling her “spoilt” for not having sex with him. (Yea, I agree… it’s such bad behaviour when girls aren’t easy.) When I demanded she reported him, like the other victims, she refused… because “he [was] with Wah! Banana.” And like these girls, I never spoke up about this, because 1. No one would believe a God-loving, well-loved Youtuber over me… everyone would have just labelled me as a *yawn* “famewhore” (surprise, surprise) and 2. Well…I felt it wasn’t my story to tell.

(Cont’) So, I thank you Lilith and Nicolette for your bravery and eloquence. Yes, victims should not feel the need to be quiet. The last thing victims should feel is the guilt for shaking things up when they have been shook up themselves. I admire you girls for speaking up and standing your ground! It’s not easy dealing with idiots who slut-shame and label you as “famewhores”, I know. It takes a lot of courage, and for that, I thank you, as I’m sure other victims (girls and boys) will be inspired to come forward as well. And to Kuroe, thank you also for your bravery and fierce loyalty. If it weren’t for you, none of this would have been brought to light.

Lastly, those of you in the media industry who knew and never spoke up… Now’s the time or forever be a part of this shame. Just because someone sucks up to you does not mean you gotta have their back no matter what. You know who you are.

#timesup #metoo

source: Fb post by Melissa Faith Yeo