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Okay so I have to say that, I don’t usually complain or shame others on FB, but this bread stall that my mom got her waffle from is really pissing her alot. So it actually happens a week ago whereby my mom have craving for waffle. And she decided to patronise this bread shop near our house.

She ordered 2 plain waffle and headed home. But guess what, when she reach home and wanted to eat the waffle, she saw that extremely black waffle that was being served to her, and because she takes home she don’t know what the aunty actually served her.

She was so angry and as you can see how black the waffle is, she couldnt eat. So she took a picture and show it to the aunty the next day.

Guess what, this aunty decided to be bossy, sitting down on her chair with her leg crossed and say “Bring back the waffle la, why don’t want to bring back the waffle”. So my mom was actually still being polite to her and say if she stay far away from here how is she going to bring the waffle back?

But guess what again, bossy aunty decided to say “some customers like to eat chao da waffle what, this one still can eat what why cannot eat.” So my mom became really angry and told her “then you make a chao da waffle now and eat. See whether can eat anot, since you say can eat. “ So aunty got triggered, she straight away refunds the waffle money and throw it on the table and ask my mom to take the money back and say “its ok, its just small amount of money.”

To my mom, its not a matter of the money, yes when you have cravings, you just buy. You don’t bother about the money spent. 

However, in this case its not about the money, in this pandemic we all want to support locals and small businesses. But this aunty that is operating this bread stall is not being understanding and the honesty in selling food is not there. Those working in F&B including myself, we all know how is it to face customers but I honestly have to say, if you open a shop and you don’t serve your customers with honesty.

How will you gain business and how will you gain the trust and loyalty from your customers if your working attitude is like that and you treat your customers as if the bread, cake or even waffle that you sell is for people to buy and throw? Have seen & heard many customers unhappy with her attitude & service. Fyi, bought the waffle from the bread stall located in Blk 748 Yishun St 72.