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A resident by the name of Chris Ong living in Block 418 Canberra Road has been hearing mysterious “tong” sounds in his flat.


He had given feedback to the Resident Network and the Town Council however it was to no avail.

Here is his story:

Mysterious sound

“I am writing to express my concern and hopefully to raise awareness or to receive valuable feedback from those who have similar issue as me.

My family lives at Blk 418 Canberra Road. In the past months, my family have been hearing “tong” sounds – similar sound you hear when you use a metal stick to hit hard at a pail of water. Initially we thought it was our pet turtle hitting against the pebbles and the glass tank. But the noise was not from him.


The “tong” noise can be heard at the different parts of the house with varying intensity and frequency. It occurs incessantly between 2 seconds to 3 minutes. The intensity and frequency get higher in the waking hours (5am-1am) and less frequent at night. But because it is quiet at night, the “tong” noise can be very disturbing.

Some neighbours hearing it too

I asked the neighbour living above my unit and she heard the same noise. I asked the old uncle living opposite my unit but he did not notice anything. I learnt that he has big aquariums in his living room and the sound of water probably drown the “tong’ noise. When I invited him to step outside his unit, he could hear it but faintly (maybe due to his hearing).

The neighbours living above my unit can be noisy with the stomping and thumping even if they walk normally but the impact is loud due to the “parquet” flooring they claimed to have in their rooms. But I believe this loud tong noises are not made by them.

The noise is so random that others may simply brushed it off thinking that it is from everyday activities such as hanging out laundry, pounding, dropping heavy items, etc.

Could be from water tank or lift

I submitted my feedback to the Resident Network IC as well as to the Town Council on Wed 10/11. The officer came down to check the next day but I was at work. She told my mother that it might be the water tank or lift (my unit is just behind the lift). But she could not hear anything then and told my mother that I should make another report if I were to hear the sound again. When I asked about the visit, my mother said there was ongoing renovation work and the officer could not hear the “tong” sounds.


On Mon 15/11, I submitted another report. This time I indicated that the “tong” noise is getting louder. It is more like “thud” and it occurs more frequently even in the dead nights. No one has contacted me to date.

I am concerned what is happening to the building. If the loud noise is coming from the lifts, is it safe for residents to continue using them? If it is the water pump, what are the consequences of it hitting the walls non-stop every single day?

The “tong” noise is only isolated to Blk 418. We went to nearby blocks (417, 419, 420 and 421) and we did not hear the sounds at all.

Does anyone hear similar tong/thud sounds at their blocks? Any advice on how I can get TC to act promptly for the safety of the residents? Thank you.”

Source: Chris Ong Facebook

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