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Thursday, August 18, 2022


My neighbor is so cheapskate. We stay condo and she never fails to surprise me. She wears the same shorts and slippers whenever we meet. To the mall, to the supermarket. Even when we go further out to run errands, I’ve never seen her in a different outfit. She got laughed at for wearing so sloppily once when I was with her. She was mad but she didn’t self reflect if the comment was true.


We used to go for morning walks and she would wear the same top and pants. I noticed there was a big hole at the crotch area and she never bothered to patch it up too. It’s impossible to miss it. I didn’t dare to mention it given her strong personality.

She tried to do something dubious and got banned by an online e commerce website. She said she boycott them but I found out from her she actually got banned. I think she signed up several first time accounts or used referrals when its actually just her alone and got caught. How on earth does someone get banned by an established online business?! She spends on other things. She would have a craze and buy everything related to that craze. She has parcels coming in every week.

She would buy branded clothes and shoes a few size bigger for her children. Stuff tissues into the shoes and make them wear. She also often pass me used things that I politely accepted but just throw it down the bin instead because the condition is actually beyond usable. She even pass me used old grey kids underwear. I’m like?!?!?!  I don’t know why she would think it’s ok. Sometimes I feel disgusted and insulted but I try to tell myself this is just how she is.

Christmas.and birthdays are the worst. She would gift you things that are obviously freebies. Tupperware, dusty water bottles with company logo like milo, a gift card from ulu shop that is about to expire and have to spend certain amount then can use, claw machine soft toys. She even gifted my kids used story books. I’d rather we not exchange anything.


She would sign up for freebies using everyone’s name, including mine, changing the unit number. I caught her using my name and unit number several times to claim free or discounted items and I was actually pissed off. She just assumed I would be ok. And no, she did not ask me. I only found out when the item was sent to my home and she came over to collect it. I lost count the number of times she ordered something and had it sent to my home instead because she assumed I would be home to collect it when she’s out.

If I travel I avoid telling her because she would shamelessly give me a list of things that she want me to buy back for her. As though my cargo bag space is not precious and I don’t need to shop for myself and my family. So many years being her neighbor I find we have no true friendship. She’s just using me. When I’m no longer of use to her or when one of us move out, she would definitely unfriend me immediately.

How do you deal with such a neighbor? I try to create more space but she keeps knocking on my door. Moving out is not possible because I love my place and the environment. My other neighbors are more normal. The lucky thing is we are all cordial with one another. That’s why I’m unwilling to move too.

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