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Me and my wife have been staying at a rental unit as we are waiting for our HDB to be ready by early next year. We are currently staying with a couple in their 40s as the landlord. Both of their jobs have flexible working hours.


My wife has recently taken up studies sponsored by her company so she is at home most of the time if shes not having lessons. The husband would occasionally ask my wife if he wants to buy anything or needs him to help get anything whenever he is going out. we thought that he was just friendly and was grateful that he was looking out for us.

Things started getting weird when he started to invite himself to our room and started chatting with my wife when there were only 2 of them around. He would talk about his relationship issues with his wife and asked my wife if she has any issues with me. Strangely enough, we do not observe that they have any tension towards each other in their daily lives, as such I am not sure if he is finding an excuse to get close to my wife.

He would stay in the room until my wife had to tell him politely to leave. Things got really creepy the past week. Sometimes we would hang our clothes and towels on bamboo and hang them out to dry. Being a bit of an OCD, my wife would always hang her clothes in a specific way. There were times she would also place her worn socks in her shoes at the shoe rack. She had told me for the past week she suspected the husband had taken her clothes and socks and placed it back thereafter as it is not how she would arrange her things. So god knows what he had done with her clothes and socks.

My wife is so paranoid now that she locks her room whenever I am out and I have been calling her every 2 hours while at work to check if everything is okay. We also kept all our things including our shoes inside our room and have to resort to using hair dryer and fan to dry our clothes. We had paid for 3 months deposit but we only stayed for 2 months so far. So leaving would mean we would have to forfeit our deposit, but we were being ‘forced’ to leave under such circumstances so we felt that we should be getting our remaining 1 month deposit back. However, to do it, things would definitely get ugly and we would have to tell them our suspicions and what we suspect her husband had been doing. The wife has been very nice to us and we wouldnt really want to end it this way and we dont really want to harm their relationship in the end as after all we do not have any proof of what that has happened. Anyone has any advice on what to do in this scenario?

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