I’m Korean. I think I left Korea around 10 p.m. and arrived at Clark Airport in the Philippines. As I fell asleep ,I do not know the exact time. People line up when they find their luggage. I didn’t know why because it was my first overseas trip. I thought I should line at security. But the person in front of the table used a cutter to rip open the food that had been sealed in the ice box and had it tested.

What is it? Should we open all our luggage and show it to him? I was embarrassed, but I felt I should cooperate. It was our turn and it turned out (they were customs officials. I still don’t know exactly who they are.) stared at our shopping bag, which said “duty free”. With a few simple English words, I bought the product at the duty-free shop at Incheon Airport. Actually, I can hardly speak English. The article is also based on the application of a translator. After explanation, we were taken to the small office next door. They kept talking to me in incomprehensible English.


Then I heard the words ‘Pay’ and ‘tax’ in my ears. Pay the tax … And they wrote down on a piece of paper and showed me, “$137”. Why do they buy things at duty-free shops? That is why I intend to buy it more cheaply. But if I paid $ 137 it was more expensive than what I paid at the department store in Korea. I didn’t get it and I said it was for me to use and I wanted to give it back to my friends in Korea. The representative told me “I can’t trust you.” and asked for my husband’s brother and his wife to call us outside the airport. Because we are not good at English … they refused and I could not use the translator or the phone. Then they yelled at us and brought in a sign about the customs and put it down in front of us with a bang. And new people with radios also joined, yelling out “Go back Korea” to us. I held back my tears.

My husband walked out of the office and complained, and the clerk tried to push him. Then another staff member appeared and stopped him, pointing to CCTV. Then he came with a paper, forced the signature, and when he didn’t, he tried to leave it on my lap. I was tied up for about two hours. Then he wrapped our things in tape, put them in the warehouse next to the office, and locked the door with a key. We gave up and left the airport to receive the documents. We arrived at 6 a.m. after driving to our final destination, Subic, for an hour. The next day at 5 p.m. I was told to pick up the things and we spent an hour at Clark Airport, but they didn’t meet. Then they told us to come back at 10 p.m. the next day, four hours before leaving the Philippines, and we had to go back to Subic. After checking in on the departure day, I went to see him continuously from 10 p.m. The last time I was told to come was at 1:00 a.m.


Our flight time was 1:30 a.m.They stopped me in front of the office for more than 30 minutes and did not respond. After boarding time, I heard an announcement calling my name and it was not until then that they gave me a call and asked me to pay for it. I understand that if you bring something to Korea, you will not be taxed. I asked him whether cash was available and if payment by credit card was possible, but he said no. It was already past boarding time and I had to give up my things and run to the gate. The work did not end there. So, I quickly joined my husband and in front of the checkpoint, he put the watch and the cigarette he was wearing in the basket and ran out of the checkpoint. When I was running, my husband shouted that my watch was missing. It was a watch which cost over 70,000 pesos. As the husband looked for his watch in confusion, the checkpoint quietly held out his watch. It was outrageous but we ran again because the boarding time was short. And we realized when we were on board. The electronic cigarettes that I put in the basket with my watch disappeared. my first trip to the Philippines gave me only distrust. If my friend had let me interpret the tax when I first came to understand that it was justifiable or if I had let him use a translator, I wouldn’t question it. They were very overbearing and made a fool of us. I never wanted to visit the Philippines again. I spent most of my time at the hotel, feeling uneasy about the possibility of the Philippine locals attacking me.Even if I do have a chance to visit the Philippines again, I will never use Clark Airport again. They received my possessions, worth 30,000 pesos, and their distrust and disgrace were shared. But when I meet Filipinos in Korea, I will give them a friendly reception. As I am different from them …

I have a video clip that shows the faces of customs officials in charge. A memo with the name of the person in charge obtained from the airline’s staff is also included. But actually, I do not use Facebook properly. So, I attach this to the text and I modify it. As you can see in the video, I wasn’t holding up after boarding time, and they weren’t doing anything about it, and they were fooling around on one side alone. And he said, don’t take pictures of me.

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