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A man shared his story on how a whole set of problems arises between him and his girlfriend after Singapore opens up.

Here is the story:

I know opening up the country is good for some people but it is definitely not good for me.

The moment my GF heard the news about the travelling she called me straight and wanted to discuss going there. I was a bit hesitant but I still meet her.

She told me that she wants to go to Korea and want me to go with her, she said that she will plan the itinerary. Itinerary means she shop I carry bag lo. But I was fine with this, you know what she told me next anot.

She asked me to swipe my credit card to pay for all the expenses first. I was like huh? It’s not about me being stingy or generous leh, this girl want to live for the moment and want me to be in debt so she can enjoy.

I asked her why use my credit card and she said that the previous month she spend most of her money signing a beauty package. I said you don’t look like you more chio leh, probably got scammed and she started shouting at me.

In my heart I thinking, nabei got money to fix your face no money to fix your over hairy seaweed oyster cave.

Hello, I at the age of marriage not at the age of playing around leh, her thinking I cannot take it, I thought she got money then ask me go travel, but it turns out she want to travel but she got no money and wants to spend future money. Best part is my money and from my credit card.

She did not even say that she will return me or what. I am still thinking on how to reject her for the trip or I should just tell her to apply her own credit card. But she confirm won’t get accepted for the credit card application one.

Her credit history is like my toilet bowl, one button and it goes down the sewer.

Has anyone got any advice on what I should do? I really don’t want to swipe my credit card just to spend future money. My credit card is for me to enjoy rebates and cashback.

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