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Friday, February 3, 2023

GIRL ASKED: “Is it true that taller girls tend to look more ‘airport’ “

Is it true that taller girls tend to look more ‘airport’?


I am a girl and most of my taller female friends (17X + cm) doesnt seem to have any assets, front or back. They have been working out at the gym for months but still, it doesnt accentuate their curves from what I see.

Not that I am trying to show off, but I am naturally born with a nice figure and tend to get more attention from guys (Maybe being shorter is good?) The fact is, I dont even hit the gym and yet I have an athletic figure.

In fact, some of my female friends have been eating sour grapes lately, claiming that a rich guy who is trying to court me is purely after my looks. I mean cmon, in this era, where can you find a non pragmatic person? If you have the assets to offer, by all means you deserve a rich guy, so I dont understand what rights do they have to complain???

They really need to get good first in terms of their appearance before trashtalking.


Here are what netizens think:

  • Which derelict airport runway have you been living under that you haven’t seen girls upward of 170-180 and not decently endowed? There’s no point being a supposed shortstack with a distasteful attitude towards other girls.
  • So the main thing is to tell us you are curvy and all la? Here’s my thumbs-up: I only give thumbs-up for people who needa self-validate.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall….be nice!! Looks alone do don’t make a person beautiful including how tall they are.
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