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Defo need some solid advice from you guys especially women!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been together with my gf for 2 years but actually ever since these the beginning of this year, I notice she doesn’t seem to care about the sagging of her asset anymore. She’s a 34E and she definitely needs to wear supportive bra to lift them up, and she has always been doing so until recently.

I noticed she stopped doing that. Every time we went out, she would just wear sports bra or bralette underneath her clothes, yet she still likes wearing tight fitting clothes, and that looks really unpleasant to me and I find it quite disturbing in public but I don’t know how to voice it out to her. Just imagine they’re already sagging at this age, hanging sideways without proper support, how’re they gonna look like after she became older and gave birth?

I know for sure that if I love her, then I shouldn’t mind that, but of course I don’t wish that to happen at this point of her life where she’s just 25, and also the unpleasant stare from people whenever we hang out. It’s just like if men do get bald as they age, but then if I already started balding at this age, and she wants me to do something about it, I’ll surely do something about my hair loss.

Any advice girls?


Here are what netizens think:

  • try wear a boxer / underwear with wire which would support ur sagging balls then tell us why it is soo hard ..she is E cup ..u know how much stress it is on the back …and how uncomfortable it is both with padded and wire…those gravity defying boobs u see on TV or media are all either photoshop or help of doctors..tell u lah…u wanna know how uncomfortable padded bras are in our hot weather esp with bigger breast.. u go wrapped polyester socks around ur balls and wear ur underwear… and walk around whole day for 1 month…than come and complain again around this ..
  • I suggest you speak to her about it. If its just her preference, *mind your own business*. But if it’s the difficulty of getting a supportive bra, then discuss how you can help. Cuz from personal experience, that size is pretty hard to find and if you ever find one, its bloody expensive. If you’re willing to pay $60-100++ bucks for one bra then go ahead. Uniqlo has very comfortable bras and decent support. The best support would be triumph and wacoal but it’s really expensive.And at this size you’re going to get unpleasant stares no matter what. Just glare back at those uncles.You can also help with massages which help with firming up the muscles.But do not under ANY circumstances. Force her to wear a bra she doesn’t like just because you think it looks unpleasant. It’s really none of your business.
  • Walk pass a better bra shop as suggested by other n see suggest to her to go in n you get for her. Understand what she wants, need to buy or as it is now.At times hear guy say about girls stuff, very seldom girls say about guy stuff. Just thinking if she say about you, you going to do whatever she wants too?
  • u sponsor her bra…get her triumph. u know her size. just buy them. and also the fashion now is bralette. maybe u can propose to her wear something other than bralette ?big boobs tend to sag. that’s the sacrifice for having big boobs. unless u want to save up for her get plastic surgery for her boobs.And what makes u think that big and perky boobs are real ?
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