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A guy shared a story of how he had too much to drink one evening while going out with his date to meet their friends for drinks and dinner and ended up puking inside his date’s car.


His date had told him that her close guy friends were good drinkers and will always protect her and ensure her safety when they go out to drink together and so they wanted to make him drink that night to see if he was up to the task of still protecting her even after many drinks.

Hence, he did not drive that day and his date drove instead so that she could drive them home after he had too much to drink.

However, he ended up puking in her car after having too many rounds of ‘shotgun’ and ruined what was supposed to be the night they would have got together.

Here is the story

“I was dating this girl whom I knew from my new workplace a couple of months ago, and we both showed interest in one another.


We decided that since both of us are interested in each other, we would start to date with the long term view of getting in a committed relationship and eventually marrying one another.

As we have dated a few months and her friends had been asking to meet me, we decided to go for dinner and drinks with them one evening.

The morning before our dinner plans, my date told me that her close guy friends in the group are all good drinkers and they will always protect her and ensure that she goes home safely and not with some guy who tries to hit on her whenever they go out to drink.

She also told me that they had the intention to test my drinking abilities so she asked me not to drive because she expects that I would be drinking quite a bit and she would not drink that night and drive us home instead.

We then proceeded to have dinner and drinks with her friends and throughout the night, they were making me go round after round of ‘shotgun’.


For those who do not know what is ‘shotgun’, it is actually where people who attempt to do it poke a hole in the beer can, open up the can at the main opening and then drink everything one shot from the hole that was poked in the can.

This way of drinking is very gassy which would make the drinker high and bloated very quickly.

The night eventually ended and my date went to get her car to fetch us back.

The moment I opened the door of the passenger seat and tried to get in, I let out a huge burp which resulted in me vomiting all over the place inside the car.

It must have been the sudden bend forward movement which caused it.

She was completely disgusted by the mess that I have created and asked me to bring it to the nearest car wash to have the car cleaned.

That was the night where I would have asked her to be my girlfriend but it did not happen because of all the mess that I have created and she was already disgusted and tired by the time it all ended.”

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Image source: Unsplash.com

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