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A man shared a story about him buying insurance from his friend’s mom because she fits his appetite.


Here is the story:

I have been controlling myself for a long time. My friend’s mom is the ultimate hottie. I always find excuses to go to my friend’s house to talk with him but I just wanted to interact with his mom. Im 21-years-old but his mom is only around the mid to late 30s cause she gave birth to my friend when she was a teen.

Then his mom approached me one day and asked if I have any insurance to protect myself from accidents and blah blah, that was when I realised that I had hit the jackpot and an opportunity had arisen. I was not listening and using my eyes to scan her whole body like an x-ray machine.

She then asked if I was interested to switch my insurance provider to her company and I agreed, cause if she is my agent I can meet her as and when I want.

So we met on another occasion without my friend at a restaurant near my home and she prepared her laptop for me to sign the insurance documents. While signing, We started to have a casual chat and she said that my friend is a good kid despite growing up in a single-parent family.


Then she also asked me about savings or investment insurance, I told her maybe the next time we meet we can talk more about it, I told her that I have something on and left. But the fact is I have nothing on and I’m trying to ‘brew the tea right.

So I started texting her under the pretence of asking about insurance policies but I was just trying to know her more and letting her know me more.

We met about a month later and we were texting like we were friends, she complimented me saying that I’m mature and thinks about protecting myself with insurance and doing some savings. She compared me to her son and said that I sound 10 years older than his son, that was when I know the time for me to ‘cash out my winnings.

I said: “Do you see me as a boy like your son or a man?”

She laughed and said I’m definitely a man and blink one eye at me (WOAHHHHH), not trying to be a snob here but I am highly intelligent. I’m thinking there is a higher chance she is saying that I’m a man cause she wants to please the customer, but my other ‘brain’ is saying there is a chance.


So we started laughing and there was some light flirting and I said “well your an attractive woman and still young, no find a boyfriend?” She said cannot lah she don’t put any pressure on my friend and said she prefer something casual.

Then my eyes open wide like an owl in the night, I told her in a smoky voice “Elaborate what’s casual?” and I blink my eye back at her.

I will update again, I am definitely swallowing her even if I have to buy one more insurance policy from her.

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