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Have you travelled overseas and when u are back in sg u are bloody p-ssed?


Like why are you back in this overcrowded sh-thole full of rude entitled people? The first thing will be the mrt where u see all the grumpy looking siao lang faces …

then it will the obnoxious elderly or the karens…. and worse of all its jam packed everywhere u cant avoid them!

Netizens’ comments

  1. Personally, no. I am always glad to be back especially if I came back from neighboring countries like Indonesia or Thailand where everything is so messy with traffic jam everywhere.
  2. sg is just the rat utopia experiment applied to humans, except humans can reason and can be forced, so they can be pushed beyond the limit, much further than rats.
    No sense of personal space, no sense of belonging, no sense of self, just a puppet to the state, a rat running on a treadmill powering the gdp generator, nothing to hope for, no future.
  3. All the time. That’s why I’m moving to Malaysia. People there are way nicer, it feels more human (if that makes any sense?), and I get to be connected with nature better. Many Singaporeans already doing this and love it there.
    I don’t even like going out in Singapore anymore cause everything feels rushed and crowded. I was scolded by strangers a few times cause I didn’t walk fast enough in a mall. Was literally looking at a dunkin donuts stand to pick my donuts ffs.
    I remember getting honked aggressively while parking in a Malaysian mall. Guess what? It was a Singapore registered car.
    I would rather stay in a place where I’m mostly happy and at peace, rather than a place that I can’t stand and makes me want to go on vacation every few months.
    It feels like everything in Singapore is optimised for work, business, consumerism, at the expense of what fulfils our inner soul and happiness.
    People tell me I should just stay in SG cause of stronger currency and can afford iphones and branded bags easier. Literally how much does an iphone and branded bag improve your QOL? My relatives in Malaysia couldnt afford the same material stuff BUT they are significantly happier and they can easily retire in their 50s. They’re living their best lives now and they’re not even T20. How many of us can say that for our parents in Singapore? How many times have you seen an old uncle or auntie still working because they have to?
    It also feels like Singapore is that one annoying sibling/friend who:
    • has low EQ
    • keeps trying to one up everyone
    • are obsessed with how materially and academically successful they are
    • has little to no graciousness or empathy for others
    • gets butthurt easily when their flaws are pointed out. 🤷‍♀️
    • can’t accept it that others can be better than them even in non-material ways. They don’t even attempt to improve on their weakness, instead they’ll proceed to do the point below.
    • And then tries to compare themselves to someone else who is doing much worse just to feel superior again (although sometimes it’s nicely disguised as gratefulness). This one gives me the absolute ick.
    • thinks others dislike them due to jealousy. But we alllll know the real reason nobody likes them hehe.
    No amount of quality education and money can make up for how rude and selfish most Singaporeans are.
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