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A netizen recently shared on Facebook after he was scammed of his savings which were saved for buying his home in the future.


Not only that, part of the money was needed to pay his credit cards and now he will be getting credit card interest because of the scam.

He said that after the unfortunate accident he have no choice but to work harder.

Here is the story:

Hi All,

This post is to raise awareness on the recent cleaning service scam that i was a victim of..


I recently saw a post on facebook on cheap cleaning services so i decided to get it for my girl. I was contacted by facebook messages and they said they would contact me to give me more details on it.Having sourcing for cleaning services online before and didnt have problems, i assume that this would be safe.

I wasn’t suspicious at the start cause some business owners would rather contact thru WhatsApp for easier communication.

I agreed and true enough, i have gotten a message from the “Cleaning services” under the below number.

I was instructed to download the app which i wasnt suspicious of being capable to route all your messages(your banking OTP, ETC) to their application.

I only found out that i was a victim of scam after trust application notified me that i need to approve a transaction which was never incurred by me as i was busy at work.


I swiftly logged in my POSB ibanking app to find out that my hard earned savings of SGD7k was being transfered to pay for my credit card to increase the limit so that the scammer could swipe the maximum amount. I quickly acted and called DBS hotline to freeze all my credit card and accounts(which is done within an hour). I am now left in debt and i am liable as DBS said if they are unable to recover the funds, i would be liable for the credit card bill which was incurred WITH INTEREST if i am unable to recover the funds and pay off the credit card charges incurred.

I am really disappointed and to make things worse, i have contracted covid and i think i am affected psychologically by these turns of bad event happening after one another. I am still thinking that OTP itself as a verification is not a good way to authenticate the transaction as the scammer could have just routed your messages to their app and use your card. Trust card app notification of approval was the thing that actually saved me from incurring more losses. So i am wondering why major banks like DBS didnt take an additional measures to ensure that the transaction was actually done by you by adding an exrra step of push notification to approve/deny transaction function like trust, instead of just having to rely on OTP.

Looks like i have to work for another year to pay off the debt incurred and actually have some savings. This savings was actually downpayment for my home purchase at malaysia but looks like i have to give up on this and work harder.

I have attached the police report and whatsapp messages for reference. Please take care and i hope nobody falls into victim of this new scam and never allow the application to access your phone messages or calls if it is downloaded from an unidentified source.

The victim spoke to Singapore uncensored and said:

Hi i was recently involved in an scam. I feel DBS should be responsible as they should implement more security feature instead of just using OTP to approve credit card transaction

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