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Thursday, December 8, 2022


I have a bad experience with Ninja Van Singapore recently when my parcel is lost as someone has forged my signature and declared that it has been delivered.


That is not the disappointing thing.

But when i received the so called delivery note that it was done and discovered it was not in my doorstep, i would naturally try to call instead of writing in first.

And that’s why I was caught in Ninjia Van’s trap.

When i subsequently wrote in to have a proper log of my case, the customer service dismissed my case and close the mail saying that “the case has been escalated”.


After many calls, the reply is “upgraded” to “we will take 1-3 days to investigate”

Mind you, regardless of what i ask about what happen if they lost my parcel, what is the compensation, the reply is

“we have escalated to the relevant team”

I cursed and swear, the reply is

“we have escalated to the relevant team.”


72 hours passed and in the midst of my meeting, a call came and told me (in essence)

“Hello, we are calling from ninja van, we have tried to call the driver but he remains uncontactable.”

Notice how there isn’t any admission of fault that the company lose the parcel? And how they never address what happens to the parcel? instead the so-call outcome of the “investigation” in my expense is “we cannot contact the delivery guy????”

What the f*** got to do with me that he is uncontactable??!!!!!!

He continues

“We will TRY to contact LINEX and try to refund u”

LINEX is the f* courier who has engaged Ninja Van without my consent to be the 3rd party courier.

And he claim that ninja van will not compensate the cost of my parcel.

So the most important word he used is “try”…

So they lost a customer item and face no repurcussions and all they do is try???? what f*** laws allow this company to even operate in our land???


and guess what any subsequent call results in…. yes u guess it right

“we have escalated the …”

it is as if the customer service has no idea and also don’t bother and / or not authorise to give any further info in fear that what they say may indict the company…

So here I am: I am robbed and yet Ninja Van gets away with it.

Someone suggests that i go to small claim but i checked online and note that Ninja Van is a multiple million dollar company and if their company will allow them to treat the public like that then their legal team will have cover all loop holes to cover their backside and they must also thinking that ordinary citizen like me will not spend thousand of dollars to ask for justice so they just skimmed the law like this.

So why am i writing this then? because i want to vent??


Because i believe that if someone with legal knowledge will read this can help me to point me in a direction to seek some justice…

I believe in our justice system but i can only hope i will meet the right person to right this wrong.

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