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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


New homeowner, moved in end-June. Ikea delivery men came 3rd August to delivery a sofa bed and wardrobe for my common room.


I warned them not to drag heavy furniture over the wood vinyl flooring as it’s easily scratched by dragging very heavy items over it. They carried it in, but then for some reason rotated the sofa bed box over a single spot several times and ripped my flooring.

They were told to leave immediately by their company and a second set of assemblers came on National Day to finish the assembly + get information/take measurements of the floor. At that time, I also discovered one of their cupboard doors was damaged and they assured me they’d replace it.

A quote from my flooring contractor says it’ll cost $378 to replace the vinyl board as it includes the labour of taking the flooring out from the side of the room to get to the ripped board to replace it.

I had to call several times every week in August for updates, each call taking 20-50 minutes just to get through to a staff. No progress. It’s only when I post on social media that they get someone to move the case. Finally a man identifying himself as a CS manager from IKEA called me on 23rd August and said I can call him directly anytime, so I don’t have to go through waiting on the helpline.


The CS manager arranges for a contractor to come to my house on 4 September, never gives me a time. I wait the entire Sunday for the guy to show up, he never does. CS manager says “family emergency” and reschedules for Tuesday. Waits the entire day, guy never shows up either.

At that point the CS manager says he’ll check with other contractors. Then comes back and says the flooring is “exclusive” so might need to get it from the original vendor. I give the information and the quote from before, he says he’ll talk to his management and update.

I wait 1.5 weeks and send a text asking if there’s any update. No response for hours until I try to call him. Then he responds saying he’ll have one for me by the end of the week, which is 18 September.

I wait till the 23rd and send a text in the morning. No response. I try to call at 4.30pm. He tells me he’s in a meeting and will get back to me. I message him at 6.15pm asking if he can update. I never receive a response from him after that despite messaging 3 more times (once a day).

At this point, they’re not even responding on social media. I know the amount is not very big, but after wasting my time and causing stress the last 2 months, this has gone beyond the money. They haven’t even replaced the damaged cupboard door.


I’m considering the small claims court. I don’t actually want to go through the trouble if I can, I just want them to do the right thing. A corporation like theirs having zero accountability when they damage people’s homes irks me.

If there’s anyone with a similar experience or has advice on the best way to pursue this case, would love to hear it. Thank you in advance!

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