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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Got ghosted after a 2-month situation and I don’t know how to save this rs.


I don’t want to ask for closure or just end things, but want to give her a way to start talking again without feeling the pressure to explain herself.

Or if I’m the reason she’s ghosting, I want to talk it out with her and try to fix things. How should I talk to her about this?

How it started

So I met a girl and it’s pretty obvious we have mutual interests in each other. We text every day and go out every week, we reciprocated each other’s flirting and physical touch. We were damn sweet like the kind that’ll cook for each other, prepare surprise gifts or like stand there to watch each other leave when saying goodbye

I was planning to confess but out of nowhere she hasn’t replied for 10 days and ignored all texts to meet. I triple-texted her already. I feel like she’s intentionally cutting it off.


I know if she really intends to cut that I should just let it go and not pester her but it really feels sad to let this go like this. I rlly value her and want to at least try to save this rs, please dun tell me to just leave her in the comments :’)

She’s also the quiet, shy, non-confrontational type, if I don’t reply it will probably just fizzle out. I don’t think I should pressure her to explain the ghosting cause she will prob be too shy to explain the real reason. And if she feels too pressured or awkward it might ruin any opportunity to start talking again in the future (say after finals when she’s in a better headspace)

I just thought we’re off to a good start, but I hope we can talk things out to see if there’s any misunderstanding or if there’s anything I can do to change or make things right. Honestly if it’s because she saw some red flag in me, I’d like to see if it’s something I can do to change. How can I communicate with her without sounding needy or stressful to her?

Admins, please help this lost soul and dun filter this:( I really like her

Here are what netizens think:

  • chill. if she’s willing to open up and talk to you again.. she will, eventually. stop pestering her. give her some peace and quiet. it’s very clear she doesn’t wanna talk, okay. respect her decision. if you guys are meant to be, you’ll meet her again. chill. it’s good you do want to reflect and make changes for the better. but sometimes you may not be the problem. don’t always find fault in yourself for other people’s action.
  • I get ghosted too. But Ive got other things going on for me. Or maybe I already expected this to happen. Either way Im not too affected by it.
  • Maybe try to talk face 2 face in real life. ( not sure if you can ask her out if she is still ignored your message) Make sure the environment is chill and she is comfortable to share her side of story. I’m sure she has her reason or she’s just recovering from her past relationship. And she is not obligated to stay with you if this is ‘situationship’ in the first place. Don’t pester her more if she doesn’t give any reply as this will probably be a turn off
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