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A netizen shared how her former Thai classmate quit school and gave up on pursuing her degree to become a siam diu singer, and is earning more than $7k per month.


Here is what she said

“I had this friend back in uni, let’s call her Jenny, who was pursuing a degree in business, and halfway through the first year she just expectedly quit school and gave up on her degree, back then nobody knows why and she just kinda disappeared.

Fast forward a few years later, I was with my boyfriend and we were at a siam diu just chilling and drinking and listening to the music, when this petite brown hair girl strutted up the stage and started singing.

She looked really familiar and I actually made my way in front for a while, to get a closer and clearer view, and to my surprise it was Jenny. But I didn’t think she recognised me, or even noticed me.

So I got my boyfriend to hang flowers for her for $200, and she came over to our table to drink with us, and when she looked at me, she was just as shocked as I was.


We caught up and she told me that she left school because she grew tired of studying, and her father had just died back in Thailand and her mother was left to take care of their family back home.

They had borrowed and spent a huge sum of money to pay for Jenny’s degree here, and after her father died, there was an immediate need for money for the family back home.

So Jenny just dropped out of school and stopped pursuing her degree, not that it matters to her because she didn’t want to study anymore, but she felt the burden of the loans that her parents took.

So anyway she told me that her family needed money back home urgently, and she chose the career paths with the most immediate and lucrative monetary returns – she started working at thai discos. She had wanted to work as a KTV hostess as well but the thought of being groped and touched by men made her revulse. So she worked at siam dius instead.

And she said that she loved it, because the men are giving her all the attention, whereas back in school or back home, no one batted an eyelid at her and treated her like she was invisible.


She said that in a good month, she makes about $7k to $8k, or even 5 figures if the patrons are generous with her, and that her family issues back home are finally settled with her sending money back to them every month, and they are comfortable.

She added that she has no regrets giving up her degree to become a singer at thai discos, because she is making a lot more money than others.

Case in point, I eventually graduated with my business degree and I earn a monthly income of about $4k, and Jenny gave up her degree to sing at siam dius and she is making almost twice of my income.

To be honest, the thought of joining her did cross my mind HAHA but I can’t sing to save my life, so I’ll stick to my present career.

But yeah that is the story of Jenny, my long lost friend who disappeared from school and became a siam diu singer.

By the way Jenny is not her real name.”

Editor’s note: Study so hard for what, go for singing classes and work at siam diu sua.

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