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Singapore Intern Treated Like Slave


Employer Slapping Intern


His temporary Singapore job with the organization kept going three years and he earned just $500 a month.

Amid this time, his previous manager regularly hit, mortified and verbally manhandled him over saw botches he had made.

Yet, Mr Calvin Chan Meng Hock, now 31, remained focused persevered through the torment since he felt his abuser could educate and direct him in his vocation.

On Friday (April 1), his previous manager was sentenced to a 10-day short confinement request (SDO) for ambushing him.


In 2013, the director of IT organization Encore E-Services, Lee Yew Nam, was recorded verbally mishandling and slapping Mr Chan in a 17-second video cut which turned into a web sensation in mid-2013.

Lee, now 45, was given the 10-day short detainment request (SDO) yesterday in the wake of conceding last Aug 18 to four numbers of deliberately making hurt Mr Chan in the middle of January and May 2013.


Lee (right) was indicted four charges of making hurt his understudy, Mr Chan, at his Jurong Town Hall Road office in the middle of January and May 2013. Another understudy had taken a 17-second video (above) of Lee hitting Mr Chan and posted it on the web, where

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Injurious supervisor gets 10 days’ confinement


Guilty parties given SDOs need to serve a brief spell in jail for up to 14 days. They won’t have criminal records in the wake of serving their sentences.

Lee submitted these offenses in a third-story office of what was then the iHub building — now known as Jurong Town Hall — at Jurong Town Hall Road.

A just youngster, whose folks are both cleaners in their 60s, Mr Chan told The New Paper that his mellow nature could have driven Lee to exploit him.

He said: “Now, I believe it’s strange that my temporary job endured around three years with such a pitiful pay.

“I was abused, treated like shoddy work.”

At the point when inquired as to why he didn’t leave, he answered: “I thought I could at present take in significantly more about IT from him.”

Mr Chan said he didn’t inform anybody regarding the misuse as he didn’t need others to stress over him.

He included: “I now acknowledge he was only a domineering jerk. I ought to have recently gathered up my packs and left.”

Temporary positions

Mr Chan, who graduated with a degree in software engineering from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) in 2010, said he had experienced the SIM Student Portal and discovered Lee’s organization was putting forth temporary jobs.


The working environment was near his four-room level in Jurong East.

The lone ranger began an underlying six-month entry level position in May that year, acquiring $500 a month.

He discovered Lee, whom he alluded to as “Alan”, inviting and congenial.

Mr Chan, who is currently filling in as a 3D craftsman for a gaming organization, said Lee demonstrated his real nature two months after the fact when he censured him for not taking care of a client well.

Lee’s wife and another assistant, a lady in her 20s, were the main other individuals in the workplace.

Mr Chan said: “He yelled at me and I was perplexed at this sudden change in disposition. I didn’t anticipate that him will act like that as he was so pleasant initially.”

From that point on, Lee began yelling at any rate once per week and nobody mediated.

Mr Chan said that soon thereafter, Lee yelled and slapped him over the face over an oversight he had made.

He said: “Even my own particular folks have never hit me. In any case, I thought what he did was alright as it was my shortcoming.

“It never struck me that I could have educated my guardians or my school regarding it.”


Mr Chan’s six-month spell finished in November 2010 and Lee offered to augment his temporary job. Mr Chan acknowledged the offer as he felt he had much to gain from Lee.

He reviewed that despite the fact that official working hours were from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, he worked till 10pm a few times each week as he needed to manage abroad clients from spots like Africa.

Mr Chan said he was not given any extra time pay and couldn’t recall on the off chance that he was given any yearly leave.

Lee made his manhandle a stride further in February 2013 and, interestingly, hit Mr Chan when there were others around.

Furious that Mr Chan had neglected to accurately answer a client’s solicitation, he punched him on the left half of his face a few times. He then pushed Mr Chan, making him tumble off his seat.

Lee hit him again in the workplace around three months after the fact.

Another assistant, Mr Amos Yeo, then 25, utilized his cellular telephone to film the occurrence.

Mr Chan said he discovered in regards to the clasp when a cousin called his guardians on May 19, 2013, soliciting to meet each of the three from them at a close-by coffeehouse.

The cousin indicated Mr Chan and his guardians the video.

Mr Chan said: “I felt exceptionally irate and humiliated to see myself being dealt with that way.


“My guardians were irate with Alan and demanded we make a police report that night. I chose that enough was sufficient and concurred.”

Mr Chan is thankful to Mr Yeo for helping him.

He said: “With respect to Alan, I have as of now forgotten him however I won’t overlook.

“I would prefer not to have anything to do with him any more. Once chomped, twice timid.”

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