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Divorce procedure


While I was dating with my husband. We broke one once so badly. He did so much promises get to get me back.

Fast forward to today, we have dated for 16 years and married for 7 years with a toddler.

We are both in our mid 30s.

Things were nice and good in the beginning. Got our house, welcoming our first child etc.


However, things got worst for the past 1 year. All the promises and marriage vows are just seriously fart.

Every now and then, small little stuff could just trigger him off and result him to shut me off.

In the most recent incident, our toddler was having a meltdown and he got so pissed off and tried to tap our toddler with masking tape. The next moment, our toddler runs up to him wanting to play. All he did was to push away.

Him shutting me off could be just ignoring me, refusing to talk or help out at home and this can go days or even weeks.

The highest record we didn’t talk was 2 months. And he can just get triggered with all that small stuff. This could means me taking a little longer shower than usual or me taking a little longer time getting groceries/ being outside.


We can be talking happily in 1 week and next 3 weeks, we could be having Cold War.

To be honest, I would think that the last 1 year, we probably only talk for combined of 2 month the most.

To add on, he could just block me from Whatapp, cut off my wifi etc. (Childish ya? For someone earning a 5 digit income).

Right now it just feels like we are only staying in the same roof as housemates.

He no longer come in to sleep together and let alone any intimacy for the past year or so.

I am staying just because of my child and I think it’s really unhealthy. I don’t care if he has anyone outside (which I feel he may not). But my heart is dead.

I could only blame myself for being so naive, to even forgive him and getting back to him and landed myself in this state today.

I think i need to take up the courage to put this to a stop.

I am seeking for some advice here. I want to get a divorce but not sure how to begin.

I feel that there is no need for me to even talk to him as he is always in his mute zone when he is unhappy.


Do I speak to a lawyer first or do I just submit a request to the Singapore court?

My income is less than half of his and I don’t think it’s too much for Me to ask him to pay the full divorce fees. Moreover, he did took quite a big part of my savings where he met a financial issue during our Younger days.

Sorry but if anyone has been through a single side divorce request and how can I begin? Thanks in advance!

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