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Hi everyone,


I am a future bride in May 2023… and I signed a package with a wedding bridal company after we went down their studio and they told us about their package.

All is good. That was in September. After the signing and the 30% deposit, they created a Whatsapp group with me and my fiance. I started to whatsapp them and ask questions and send then pictures of the hairdo that I want. And they said Okay they noted…

Then come October, I started asking them questions and all replies from them were one-liner, short forms, late replies… which kinda concern me. If after 30% deposit, and they dare to give this kind of customer service and late replies, i cant imagine how we’re gonna communicate ahead for my wedding day.

Then now in October, meaning we have 7 months left to May 2023, I asked them when can I come down their studio to try their wedding outfits again? Cuz the last time we tried their outfits was in September was when we first went to their studio and signed the package and paid the 30% deposit. When I asked her, can I come again to try other outfits again cuz the first time we had to go and can’t try and see all of them. She said “Ouh u are free to come anytime u want to try the outfits!”


Now In October, when I asked if I can come to try and see other outfits they have, they kinda changed their tune and merelt said ouh “Hi for your wedding outfit, u can choose 1 month before your wedding don’t need to rush, as we will have few more collection coming in”.

But I kept asking but I still can go and try right? And they kept saying again and again “All can try 1 month before wedding”… I said hmmm I wanna bring my own family entourage to come see me wear my wedding dress… and they kept saying the same thing “u can try 1 month before wedding which is in May” which I kinda get the passive aggression in the text kinda saying “Bish just try 1 month before your wedding stop Rushing” is the kinda tone of their text.

I was so fed up with this kind of customer service. And the WORST is when I asked when can I go for a site-viewing of my own wedding venue which is after we signed the package, she said she will get back to me in 1 week in advance. That was in September mind you. Now October, I still didn’t get any reply to when my site-viewing date is… and the worst is, I asked when can I go for food-tasting?

The best answer from them is “can arrange for u but min 2 pax max 4 pax … but 2 pax will be paid off, only the other 2 pax u have to pay” I sit there wondering since when food tasting is chargeable? Like we paid u 30% deposit hello!

Their customer service sucks and their late replies is giving me ANXIETY. If they treat me like this even before my wedding which is now 7 months away, I can’t imagine how they’re gonna perform with their service on my Real wedding day.


My fiance kept saying I am too rushing and creating a bad impression of myself on them thus them getting annoyed and sickened by my questions. Hello I am a customer, I ought to have my doubts and clarifications answered and cleared! My question is AM I a Bridezilla or should I calm down?. I already tot of canceling this package with them and forego the 30% deposit that I can never get back. I will leave a BAD review on all their pages to warn other future brides. I was so sad they treat me like I’m some annoying sickening bridezilla beyotch cuz I’m just scared of being scammed.

They’re sooo active online promoting their packages but take hours to reply to me or maybe even the next day… should I cancel this package and move on to a better nicer wedding company to serve me on my special wedding day? I can’t believe I cried over this. Now In October, 7 months away, and I still haven’t got a definite reply from them as to when my site-viewing of the wedding venus and the food-tasting date. It’s always the same goddamn answer “We will check and update and get back to you” in September. Now October going middle of October. Should I just cancel this package? Please help.

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