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What are things that the Gen Zs in Singapore will not relate to?


I feel old thinking about this now. It just occurred to me that kids these days may not know why certain feeder bus route numbers have ‘W’ and ‘G’ in them ever since digital destination signs became commonplace.

EDIT for explanation: Suffix used by SBS Transit to designate the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions of a loop service (e.g. A→B→C→A and A→C→B→A). G and W stand for Green Plate and White Plate.

In the past, buses carried plastic/metal destination plates, and the green/white background was used to assist commuters in easily identifying the direction of travel. On modern buses with electronic display signs, the G and W suffix is used instead.

Netizens’ comments

  • Riding public buses with no air con system and looking down at the bus driver’s periscope if you take the right corner seat at the second level.
  • Watching cartoons and kids game show on Kids Central. Feeling at sad 6pm because Vasantham Central will be taking over the programming slot.
  • Borrowing your classmate’s iPhone or iPod to play Temple Run, Angry Birds, Cookie Dozer and Plants vs Zombies. Brownie points if your classmate rooted their iOS devices so they have free games from the app store.
  • KFC was actually good, what happen to my Fish Ole burger and Cheese Meltz?
  • For a brief moment, you were able to buy spring powered BB guns.
  • Play pre-Big Bang Maple Story after school. Now there are more character classes than I have toes and fingers.
  • Getting excited for computer lab lessons, especially playing either Y8 games or Facebook games. (Mafia Wars, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Typing Maniac and MouseHunt)
  • Using phones with numberpads, shout out to people who own Nokia and Sony phones.
  • Playing Windows Space Cadet Pinball, brownie points if you know how to activate the hack to control the pin ball.
  • Playing annoying sounds from your phone, from the high pitch mosquito noise to the airplane take off sound in class.
  • Interacting with your crush on MSN messager.
  • Writing woke and philosophical quotes and messages on Facebook.
  • Owning a Tumblr, Friendsters or a Blogger page.
  • Visiting Escape Theme Park.
  • Asking people to like your Facebook post so you will give them a rating, first impression or some other personalised message.
  • Reading or owning kids oriented magazine. Like Jackie Chan adventure which gives out talismans collectibles, Kids Company and Little Red Dot.
  • Reading Mr Kiasu, True Singapore Ghost Stories or Mr Midnight during morning assembly.
  • Poking your friends on Facebook, adding them as your biological siblings on your profile.
  • Having a favourite judge or contestant from Singapore Idol.
  • Using your lunch money to buy @Cash card.
  • Using the liquid form of correction tape. Extra points if you jab it on a hard surface to see the white liquid being pooled out from the tip.
  • Carrying a hard cover diary (extra Brownie points if your dairy has a lock on it) where you either write daily entries or record your friend’s hotmail/yahoo email.
  • Impromptu water battles for people who owns the Nike spray water bottle.
  • $1 McDonald Coke
  • Anything and Whatever drinks
  • Taking out the rubber ball from the computer’s mouse and playing with it.
  • Trying to make a call using payphones that accept the plastic phone call or coins without paying.
  • Experiencing your computer speaker glitching out when a phone call is incoming.
  • Trying to remove the static on your TV screen or cool the back of your thick monitor to prevent your parents from finding out you weren’t doing your homework.
  • Randomly singing Phua Chu Kang’s original SARS rap. SARS is a virus..
  • Creating a makeshift Beyblade using a rubber eraser and staple bullets.
  • You have music from High School Musical on your phone.
  • Watching Mr Bean or Just for Laughs on TVmobile while travelling on the bus.
  • Riding on the long SMRT articulated bus and dreading the stale sweat smell coming from furry fabric seats in the afternoon.
  • Watching R.E.M, Whizzes of the void deck, Ubin Boy, Robbie and the Book of Tales, Groom my Room, Wushu Warriors and Art Factory on Kids Central. (Inb4.. you forgot xxx show)
  • For guys, your childhood crush are probably Kim Wakerman (Sunshine Kim). Probably.
  • Feeling awkward seeing your classmate/friend with red long marks on their arms and body. We know and understand, united by hanger, rattan cane, belt or feather duster.
  • Neopets
  • Neoprints
  • DDR and those Para para dance machines that include hand movements
  • Boarding a public bus only to realise that you don’t have the correct amount of change on you…either beg the bus driver to let you pay less or pay more and put in $2 note
  • Queueing up for autograph sessions on weekends back in the days when mandopop singers would come to malls for promos and also perform in mini concerts during events
  • arranging meet up at X location and X time and actually counting on them to show up without having any method of communication in between
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