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Another local musican, Ariane Goh, shared about how she was with 2 of her friends in Taiwan verifying their check in details at the airport for their flight back to Singapore, when they were told that their return flight dates were changed, and authorised by another passenger under the same itinerary.


The itinerary had 4 passengers listed on it, with 3 of them being present at the airport, and the 4th being a man named “Jeff Ng” who cancelled his trip with them due to personal reasons.

The tickets under the group’s name were changed except for Jeff’s, and his ex-girlfriend then told them that he had changed all of their return flights by “accident” while making changes to his own return flight.

The netizen then questioned his motives, asking “Why would you change your return ticket when you did not even depart in the first place?” Seemingly insinuating an attempt at sabotage.

Some netizens have claimed that the Jeff Ng from this incident is the Cathay busker, who was earlier exposed by his ex-girlfriend for being the “worst person” she has ever met.


Here is the netizen’s post

To those who are concerned, I have touched down safely in Singapore at 1am after what is possibly the worst that can happen to anyone of us. Thank you to all who has raised your concerns and to friends who even came down to pick us up at the airport. I speak on behalf 2 of my friends who were on flight with me.

As we were verifying our check in details at the counter enroute for our flight back to Singapore on 29/8, we were told by the counter staff that our return flight dates were changed from 29/8 to 24/8, 2 days after our departure flight date, authorized by a passenger under the same itinerary.

The itinerary had 4 passengers listed, with 3 of us present at Taoyuan International Airport. The other passenger was Jeff Ng, who chose to cancel his trip with us due to personal reasons. We then found out through a phone conversation with the Jetstar customer reprentative from Singapore that a transaction of SGD200 was even made for the above change and changes were made on our day of departure, 22/8 while we were on the flight to Taipei, with no wifi access on board.

We were told that only tickets under our names, excluding Jeff Ng’s were changed. Mistake? Coincidence? I really doubt so.

We were left stranded and panicking for a good amount of time at the airport under tremendous emotional stress before deciding to purchase return flight tickets on the same flight at a hefty sum.


I was then told by his ex girlfriend who confronted Jeff Ng that he made changes to all of our return flights by accident while making changes to his own return flight. Question: Why would you change your return ticket when you did not even depart in the first place? Then again, you did not even make any changes to your flight, did you?

Thanks to this girl, our money was reimbursed by Jeff Ng almost immediately upon touch down. Then again, SGD1800 is nothing as compared to the pain and the emotional rollercoaster that we had to face in the last 6.5hours, rushing from counter to counter and from gate to gate.

As much as I am trying to keep this post as ‘a matter of fact’ post, I have to say that I am utterly ashamed that I was once kind and patient to someone like that. Getting back at me this way for helping your ex girlfriend move on from you is definitely creative.

Dear Jeff, 你真的很厲害。

UPDATE (30/8, 7.50pm): We called Jetstar this afternoon to try to retrieve the transaction history. According to another Jetstar customer representative, it was certain that Jeff Ng made the change of all of our return flights, including his, on our departure flight date on 22/8 at 6am. Our departure flight was scheduled at 7am, where he had no intentions to fly that morning as his final decision was made known to his ex girlfriend through a phone conversation at 6.14am.

Though we have some clearing to do with Jetstar as to why their information provided from the same branch can be vastly different, we still question the motive behind the change of return flight dates to 2 days after the departure flight date made by Jeff Ng 15 minutes before check in closes, especially when he does not have the intention to fly.

I really would like to believe that it was an accident that 3 of our return flights were changed along with his, but logic tells me that it is not possible with all the supporting proof we have from reliable sources.

Source: Ah Ree Anne on Facebook and AsiaOne


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